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Policies, Procedures and Trust Documents

There are a number of policies that apply to all Academies in the Beyond School Trust. These can be accessed below.

Each Beyond Academy has its own set of policies and these can be found on the relevant Academy website.

Policy Statement

This policy statement sets out the Trusts arrangements for managing policies and formal statutory documents during the transition period from FPTA Academies to Beyond Schools Trust.


The Trust will apply in full any ratified and published existing FPTA policies to Beyond Schools Trust.  The charitable company name has changed but the company registered number remains the same.  Therefore, until all policies are updated, FPTA Academies Policies are the policies of Beyond Schools Trust.


The DfE Funding Agreement between FPTA and its academy schools also remain the same and apply to Beyond Schools Trust 



This policy statement will remain in place for 1 year or until all policies have been updated to reflect the Trust name change. 

Attendance 2020-2021 - Fort Pitt

Financial Report

All statutory financial information regarding Beyond Schools Trust (formally known as FPTA) and it's Academies can be found below.


Funding Agreement - The Thomas Aveling School

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