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Our Schools

Our Schools

Our Trust currently has 5 schools based in the Medway area (3 Secondaries, 2 Primaries) educating approximately 3700 students and employing over 600 staff. Being in a tight geographical area means we know our area well and means we are aware of, and work tirelessly in a co-operative manner, to both minimise the pressures and strains that local children experience and maximise the potential they all have for great success.   

Each part of the Trust works collaboratively in sharing ideas and best practice and in generating new opportunities for staff and students. 

Our Primaries

Our Primaries

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Ou Secondaries

Our Secondaries

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Our Sixth Forms

Our Sixth Forms

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We provide education for over 600 Sixth Form students across 3 Sixth Forms with over 25 subjects on offer.  If you are considering your options once you have finished your GCSEs and are interested in a place in one our Sixth Forms, please click on the links to find out more:

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Join the Trus

Join the

We welcome conversation with Schools and small Multi-Academy Trusts about exploring opportunities to work together and become the Beyond Schools Trust.  Here are just some of the reasons to join us:


We will support schools to maintain their creative autonomy, while fully leveraging the mutual benefits of working as a family of schools with principles of alignment that benefit students.  Collaboration is at the heart our Trust and is summarised in our Ethos:


One Vision, One Trust, One Family of Schools Inspiring Outstanding Learning.


School Improvement Support

We have a strong Secondary and Primary School Improvement Team covering the entire range from Year R to Sixth Form.  The team’s primary responsibility is to lead the Trust Quality Assurance processes which support the ongoing improvements in the curriculum.  The team have dedicated specialists in English and Maths and is overseen by our Quality of Education Lead.    They draw upon our very best subject specialists across the Trust to support and advise our curriculum teams and improve teaching practices as well as contributing to Trust-wide professional development.  

Stuart Gibson 

Quality of Education Lead 

Read Bio...

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Fiona Turner 

Maths Lead

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Sophie Town 

English Lead 

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Andy Hart 

Quality of Education

Primary Coordinator

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Strong Governance

High quality governance is central to the future success of the Trust. The Trust’s governance structure is based upon clear lines of responsibility and delegation to encourage effective communication, monitoring and alignment with the Trust Strategic Plan. 


Central Support

We have an extensive range of central support services that will allow school leaders to get on with running their schools, allowing the Trust to take care of the ‘heavy-lifting’.  This support includes finance, procurement, payroll, estates development and human resources.  

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Lettings across our sites


Across 5 sites we have many letting opportunities that business, organisation, and individuals can book.

Please click on the link below for our letting listings:

To make an enquiry about booking anyone of the facilities please complete the form below:

Beyond Schools Trust Lettings

Premises of Interest
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