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Why choose teaching?

Most people choose to become a teacher because they want to make a difference to the lives of children in our communities. As a teacher, you can inspire, motivate, and develop the next generation and help them reach their potential for the benefit of society. You can share your knowledge and passion for your areas of interests while developing students’ enthusiasm and curiosity for the world.  Teaching is so much more than that too – it is a lifelong career that can develop you into great leaders whose skills are sought after both within the profession and beyond it.

Introduction to Teacher Training


Beyond Schools Trust is dedicated to providing a teacher training experience that equips trainees with the skills necessary to meet the challenges to forge a successful career in the teaching profession, whether that be in the selective or non-selective sector. 


Our Trust has a long established reputation for developing new teachers. Our school works with many Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers and is a net provider of qualified teachers to the profession. Our two main providers are as follows:

Teach in Kent (TiK)

Following the transfer of Teach in Kent into Beyond Schools Trust in April 2024, we are delighted to provide an additional training route for prospective teachers.  

Teach in Kent offers a classroom-based training route in partnership with the Tes Institute, who have a reputation for innovative
online learning materials which offer great flexibility for your learning. Their blended learning programme combines school-based training, online learning sessions, experienced subject specialists as mentors and high quality professional studies training sessions. During your training, you will be treated as a member of staff at the school and will attend staff meetings and development sessions to give you the true teacher experience whilst learning from the outstanding colleagues around you.

Kent And Medway Training (KMT)




The Thomas Aveling School works closely with The Thames Learning Gateway Teaching School Hub (TGTSH) for Schools Direct.   In collaboration with KMT, we strive to ensure that trainees have the relevant, and quality, exposure to both the practical and theoretical elements of the course.  Every trainee has the opportunity to regularly network and meet others embarking on the same subject studies at other training institutions, as well as across our Trust.  In addition to working with KMT, we also welcome trainees from other training providers. Annually more than 40 trainees pass through the doors of the Beyond Schools Trust. Get Into Teaching | Get Into Teaching GOV.UK (


Post ITT


Nearly all trainees are successfully employed in their first teaching post within the Trust. The Trust works with Thames Learning Gateway and its high-quality Early Career Teachers framework programme and we are extremely proud of both the standard of our programme delivery, our mentoring and the array of opportunities afforded to our teachers after qualification. It is the perfect start to any teaching career. 

It has never been a better time to join the profession.



Funding Information for 24/25

Teacher training funding | Get Into Teaching GOV.UK (

Bursaries and Scholarships for 24/25

Teacher training bursaries | Get Into Teaching GOV.UK (


Meet our Professional Tutor 

Michelle Taylor Professional Tutor

Our Professional Tutor, Michelle Taylor, oversees the recruitment and training of prospective teachers.


At Thomas Aveling, there is a wealth of experience and each trainee is assigned a dedicated subject mentor, who is committed to helping their trainee, and giving them the very best of starts to their teaching careers. Wellbeing is a priority at the school and Thomas Aveling gives exceptional support to all its trainee teachers. 


The school collaborates with its provider(s) to deliver an effective mentoring programme and a cohesive platform upon which trainees can develop professionally.


The specialisms of experienced staff are used to host tailored professional studies, as well as offering advice and practical help for those applying for their first teaching post. 

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School Experience Opportunities

We offer six School Experience Days throughout the academic year, one per term. 

Thomas Aveling is a very friendly and welcoming school wholeheartedly invested in teacher training. We invite you to see what a normal day is like as a secondary school teacher.  It could well be the career route for you!

During your time you will:

  • Observe lessons in your chosen subject area(s) and speak to the students

  • Spend time with the teachers in your chosen department

  • Enjoy a tour of our school site and facilities

  • Meet with our Professional Tutor to debrief your day, discuss routes into ITT and to answer any questions


Please do contact Michelle if any of these days are not possible for you and we can organise a mutually convenient alternative. 



“Completing my teacher training at Thomas Aveling was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The level of support that I received throughout the year from my mentor, department staff and professional tutor was unparalleled. I was welcomed by the faculty and made to feel like a part of the team from my first day. My whole experience was incredibly positive and I was so sad to say goodbye to the staff and students at the end of the year. Whilst there were no vacancies in my department, I was lucky enough to gain employment at another school within the trust and have therefore been able to continue collaborating closely with those who helped me on my journey. I would not hesitate to recommend training at Thomas Aveling to anyone- I don’t believe that if I had trained elsewhere, I would be the teacher that I am today.”


Sarah (Drama/Performing Arts Teacher)

KMT - The Thomas Aveling School (2021-2022)



“The Thomas Aveling School is full of supportive and encouraging staff that push your training further, giving constructive feedback and assisting with how to constantly improve. The support from not only my mentor but the rest of my department was, and still is amazing. There is always someone to talk to about any issues you may have, and we are always working together to achieve more and improve my teaching. And of course, the students are lovely, engaged and hardworking – which always helps when teaching them!”

Beth (Mathematics Teacher)

KMT - The Thomas Aveling School (2021-2022)



“I decided to join Kent and Medway Training because they were one of Kent's highest-ranked Initial Teaching Training programmes. They held up their status throughout the year in which I trained due to their high-end training and support. Being a teacher is hard, but an extremely rewarding career. If you're researching teacher training, KMT is the way to go! KMT is conscious of workload and has a fantastic structure in place to support the work-life balance of everyone. I enjoyed my time at Thomas Aveling, and the Professional Tutor for ITT was super-efficient and cared about the wellbeing of each trainee. The same goes for the two Directors of KMT and the Lead Mentors who see you for specialized training. If you're looking to train through Kent and Medway Training, I highly recommend choosing this as your training provider. Being immersed in on-the-job training is one of the most valuable experiences of my life and truly sets you up for being an Early Careers Teacher!”

Jay (Religious Studies Teacher)

KMT - The Thomas Aveling School (2021-2022)


“The teacher training experience that I had at Thomas Aveling School was outstanding. The school’s ability to give you such a personalised experience makes this training provider stand out, and ensures that every trainee is heard, learning, and growing. The support that I received across the school was consistent, and by the end of my training I knew that I was in the best position I could be in as an Early Career Teacher. I highly recommend Thomas Aveling and KMT as teacher training providers if you want a successful start to your teaching career.”


Jaylee (PE Teacher)

KMT - The Thomas Aveling School (2021-2022)


“The incredibly supportive and friendly nature of the staff at Thomas Aveling helped me flourish, as I moved from nervous beginner to a confident teacher. 
Not only did I learn how to teach, but my subject knowledge, confidence, and love for my new career grew tenfold, thanks to the experienced teachers’ guidance and the students’ motivation to learn. 
Not only did the professional tutor, Michelle Taylor, offer unwavering support to all teacher trainees, but staff across the school - mentors and leads within the department you work in and beyond - make you feel like an important part of the team. This friendly community is one where anyone can thrive. 
I found true joy teaching here and I will always be so grateful to have completed my teacher training at Thomas Aveling.”:


Katrina (Art Teacher)

KMT - The Thomas Aveling School (2021-2022)

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